Technical specifications

Voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Bulb: 7R Lamp

Optical Device: three lens group, 0°-5°

Control Mode:18/16 international standard DMX512 Channels

Pan scanning: 540 degree (16bit scanning accuracy)

Tilt scanning: 280 degree (16bit scanning accuracy)

Color Wheel: 14 colors + open,

with two-way rotation and rainbow effect

Gobo Wheel: 17 gobos(includes 6 glass gobos))+ open,

with gobos shaking and arbitrary position function

Prism: 8-facet prism,with speed controllable with  clockwise

and anti-clockwise rotation,1pcs fixed 5-facet prism

prism position function

Strobe: Double pole strobe maximum reaches 13 times per second,

random strobe and pulse strobe optional

Dimmer: 0%-100% linear dimmer

Display Board: LCD display